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Welcome to Anderson Family Dental Practice, where the artistry of dentistry meets unwavering commitment to your oral health and well-being. At the helm of our practice is Dr. Ruiz-Ahneman, a consummate professional dedicated to the highest standards of dental care. With a doctorate from New York University and a wealthy background, Dr.  Ruiz-Aneman blends expertise and compassion to create a warm and welcoming environment. Our state-of-the-art facility, equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensures every patient receives the pinnacle of care, while our commitment to continuous learning and patient-centric approach guarantees a smile transformation that exceeds expectations. Discover the standard of dental excellence at Anderson Family Dental Practice, where your radiant smile is our passion and your well-being our priori



Comprehensive Exam & Cleaning 

Cosmetic Bonding 

Veneers/ Porcelain Crowns/ Bridges

Tooth-Colored fillings

Crown & Bridges 

Removable Dentures 

Flexible Dentures 

Deep Scaling / Gum treatment 

Root Canal Therapy 

Implant-supported Crowns / Bridges / Dentures

Teeth Whitening / Zoom / Take home whitening

Dentistry for Kids

Orthodontic Treatment / Braces / Invisalign

Oral Surgery 

Expansion plates 

TMJ Treatment

Same-day denture repair

We accept Emergency patient 



"the practice is excellent and impressive, what with all their modern, high-tech equipment and devices, which I have not seen at any other dentists's office. With that said, i walked in, got my procedure done, and did not even feel the slightest pain or discomfort upon leaving. the staff is fantastic, helping with appointments, billing, reminders, etc.. as far as dr. Ruiz, she is unbelievable, extremely knowledgeable, and kind, who is sensitive and sincere!!! Being a professional myself, i highly commend the entire practice (and recommend them) for running such a well-oiled machine, with feelings and emotions, of course," Aran.


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