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Dental Office Financial Policies 



Dental insurance is a method of payment many people use to subsidize their dental bills.   We will assist you in the processing of your dental claims by either filing the insurance claim for you or by providing you with the completed form to make the claim yourself.  


For extensive treatments, most insurance companies require pretreatment estimates.  We'll be happy to supply any information your dental insurance carrier needs and help you receive the maximum benefits that you deserve.


If you are receiving costly services, we will gladly help you to get an approval with Care Credit ZERO DOWN PAYMENT ZERO INTEREST or we will make financial arrangements with you. 



            Appointment Cancellation Policy 


Our office values time.  Our time is important to us.

If you have an appointment that has been confirmed and you do not show up without calling our office to cancel appointment, you will be charged a $50 NO SHOW FEE that will be payable at a subsequent visit.

We try our very best to stay on time. If your appointment time is affected due to unforeseen circumstance, we'll try to notify you, to lessen your waiting time as we know that your time is valuable, too.  You will receive the same quality dental care no matter how our schedule is running. 


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